Ethereal Loss

The concept for Ethereal Loss started with the emotions of loss and tragedy. I wanted to portray the feeling of heavy loss and how even though it's extremely difficult it can be beautiful. For me, loss promotes growth and self reflection. I chose the Lake Crabtree County Park because there are literal reflections coming from the water and there is an overall feeling of serenity and peace. Those are the feeling I have after overcoming the pain of losing someone, something, or a part of myself.

I chose my friend Hannah to model because she wears emotion extremely well and can portray the feelings and aesthetic I wanted. I thought the symbolism of an angel would hold the emotion of loss and tragedy well. Ethereal beings always feel calming to me and the name 'Ethereal Loss' sounds calm yet tragic: exactly how I wanted to portray this emotion. After deciding on a character and location I started on the storyline and situation to put my angel in, I landed on an angelic being who's been locked out of heaven. A once heavenly exalted creature who's been abandoned and dismissed; their entire system dismantled. I wanted the posing to be smooth, another reason why I chose Hannah is for her style of modeling. She flows through poses effortlessly. With the knowledge that her character was to feel a heavy burden or loss, I knew she would portray the character perfectly. A lot of my work is based in my emotions and thoughts even if I don't realize it at the time. I almost always feel a weight lifted or an emotion released when finishing my projects. This project felt like an ending to a piece of myself, and the beginning to a newer, more knowledgeable part of myself, a part I wouldn't have found without loss.

Below are my photos and behind the scenes from the March Content Retreat.

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