We want to provide attendees with the best experience possible, because of this, we limit the number of attendees. This is to make sure our attendees can get 1 on 1 time if needed, and to provide a safe space for learning amongst newer photographers and more experienced photographers.

While going through our attendee applications we will be taking into consideration the goals each of you have, this way we can facilitate a healthy learning environment while also setting you all up for high quality images.

If you're not chosen for this May Content Retreat don't get discouraged! This event will be regularly scheduled throughout the year and our goal is to be creating and hosting retreats multiple times a year for the foreseeable future. Please keep in mind that we are likely to receive a larger amount of applications than there are tickets available. In order to help this retreat stay personal and comfortable for our attendees we cannot allow more than our ticket number. Please don’t be discouraged from applying for future retreats if you are not chosen for this one. Thank you for understanding and giving us patience.