Agave is open to any skill level photographer or videographer. This being said, you need to know how to operate your own equipment. There is no formal or one-on-one training on how to use your gear. You will benefit the most from Agave if you can shoot in manual and in a wide variety of lighting conditions. Sessions are fast pace and we will be able to offer advice in challenging situations, but we cannot instruct you on how to use your gear. Additionally, there will be 4 speakers joining us for the entire retreat. Despite the speakers lack of formal education, each has years of experience running successful photography business's, growing a profitable artistic business, and/or professional education on the topic they are covering. The classes will cover topics like: creative concept building, editing and creative cropping, posing and directing models, business and finance, how to price yourself, content creation, social media tips for growth, and much more! Make sure you bring questions and something to take notes! We will be offering a Q&A after each class where we can answer your burning questions.