We are offering payment plans if you're unable to pay the full amount now: We are offering payment plans for the first time. This is our biggest and most exciting retreat ever and the prices reflect all the work and time invested! If you're wanting to come but can't afford the larger sized payments, we are here to help. We can split the payments up to six times over the coming months with an additional fee of $300 for all plans for a total of $3,295. There will be spot in the application to indicate how you many times you want the payments split. All payments will be due by January 1st, 2023. What do I do if I cannot afford Agave this time around? You will be missed, but no worries. MBP Content Retreats are not going away anytime soon. We plan on creating more events throughout the foreseeable future and would absolutely love to have you join the MBP community! Our events and retreats are only growing in size and epicness which means price will most likely stay around or above $2,995. My advice here would be to look at the payment plans or start saving up for our next event. We are trying to host 4 retreats a year, so plan for the next retreat in April.