After hosting several events where we got to work out the kinks of shooting in groups, I think we've mastered it! At this retreat there will be at least 10 unique editorial photoshoots. Each attendee will get put into 1 of 2 groups at the top of each session. (there will be 10 or less per group) each group will then have an hour to shoot and work with each concept. Keep in mind this event will not be like a normal photoshoot where you can spend hours getting the perfect angle. Other creatives will be working with you getting shots. This means that taking turns and coming own ideas will be helpful for yourself and your fellow creatives. In addition to the scheduled sessions there will also be free time for attendees to create together. If you're looking to get headshots, modeling experience, or just have fun and make the most of your time this is the time to do it! We have worked hard to give you and the MBP team time to recharge and relax. This will put you at our best so that you can come back to each session with a fresh perspective! There is more than enough time to get a MASSIVE amount of content. Take it slow and be intentional so you don't tire yourself out.