Personal growth and benefits expressed by past attendees included: Confidence boost in their work and self; emotional fulfillment from being with so many uplifting and positive people in the same field of passion; a more creative outlook on life and photoshoots; a more clear understanding of where they want their business to go; confidence in the decisions they make pertaining to business and photography; an overall feeling of support from a new found group of loving creative friends; a self awareness of ways to improve their overall mental health and work-life balance; a feeling of belonging after not fitting in with other people or groups; motivation to work towards what they always wanted; and more inspiration to create. Business growth and benefits expressed by past attendees included: More traffic on websites which led to an overall higher number of bookings; confidence to express their ideas, concepts, and work; social media growth; portfolio refreshes that feel more true to them; skills that gave them the tools to grow in a productive and healthy way; feeling more capable of executing bigger ideas and projects; education that offered a refreshing new outlook on how to create the career they wanted; and support from a group of uplifting creatives willing to support and help you grow no matter what.