We know that most of you are traveling for this retreat and we are honored to be here for you in every way we can! The home we rented doesn't allow for parking or any extra cars besides the ones we will be using to transport props, wardrobe, and all of us. due to this we decided to offer you all transportation for the entire trip! That's right, no Ubers, car rentals, or taxis! That being said, we will be picking up attendees from the PHX airport on January 15th, at 6:30PM and dropping you off on January 19th at 9:30am. We ask that you plan accordingly so you can all get picked up at 6:30pm without any issues. We are going to be offering y'all private transportation the entire trip. You'll be able to sit back and relax while we drive you to and from all activities! We do ask that anyone planning on driving to the event please find and leave your vehicle at a public parking area. There is a public car lot available at the PHX airport for a fee.