HOUSING: The home we rented is a massive 9 bedroom, 5 bathroom mansion located in the heart of phoenix near CamelBack Mountain. in fact, most of you will be able to see CamelBack MT. from your windows or patios. The mansion comes with a heated in-ground swimming pool, game room, 2 kitchens, and media space. we will have props and multiple spaces ready for impromptu photoshoots and headshots for y'all to take photos with each other. Feel free to bring your own ideas, props, and creativity into the space so when you have down time you have the option to create! SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS: due to the high number of attendees and city ordinance there are no homes that offered enough space for separate sleeping arrangements. The home we rented has queen, king, and full sized beds that most of you will have to share with one another. (2 people to a bed) The rooms are setup to be very open and provide each of you with ample space to set your belongings and gear. Keep in mind that everyone coming is a like-minded, open, creative friend and will be screened before acceptance to make sure we all feel safe and comfortable. We want this experience to fulfill you creatively and enrich your lives with new friends. We will do our best to accommodate any requests.