Raleigh/Durham North carolina Location guide

Amazing locations Near Raleigh/Durham, NC

Falls Lake offers a calming and serene feeling when sitting in the secluded grass fields next to the stony shore and an editorial aesthetic when posed on the long docks with rippling waves. The tall pines and evergreen trees surrounding Falls Lake offers elegant and soft aesthetics which make your photos feel like a dream, especially when shooting during sunrise.

Lake Crabtree County Park offers a variety of backdrops including: lakes, fields, wooded areas, and sandy beaches that make it super versatile. I love this location because sunset lake photos are extremely ethereal and warm. Midday sessions under the trees and backlit midday photos offer a vintage and grainy aesthetic perfect for big gowns, simplistic outfits, and stylized vintage inspired wardrobe.

The tennis courts may seem simple but with the right kind of posing, editing, and props this space comes to life. With fun multicolored flooring and textured fencing all around it makes for a unique location for any session. I love taking this seemingly normal space and transforming it to have an editorial aesthetic.

The North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA) is one of the most popular photoshoot locations in Raleigh. The NCMA is known for tall grass fields, long dirt walkways, and editorial alcoves built into the architecture. With tall trees and unique sculptures as far as the eye can see you'll be finding new places to shoot every time you turn a corner.

Dorothea Dix is known for the sunflower fields blooming throughout July. The lush, thick foliage gives off a secluded wilderness aesthetic without having to drive to the mountains. Because this used to be the campus for an insane asylum, the locations vary from tall dark forests to open fields. Dorothea Dix is perfect for anyone who wants their photos to feel alive and natural.

The parking deck offers a blank canvas to highlight you. The solid concrete lines and crisp edges make this is perfect for an editorial session. Although it seems simple the backdrop is extremely versatile due to the overall neutrality of the space. The views of the skyline create wide shots that feel cinematic.

The park is covered in graffiti giving it a grungy aesthetic. I will only do morning sessions here because there are a ton of skaters later in the day.

Bunkey's brightly colored walls and textured surfaces give photos a fun a unique backdrop. Because of the massive windows in the front and the angle of the sun, sunset photos here are epic.

A studio session can be almost anything because we have the ability to control the lighting, the backdrop, and the atmosphere. A session in-studio can be very clean and simple or stylized. The possibilities are endless.

Gorgeous lOcations, a little farther from Raleigh

North Carolina's Appalachian mountains offer dozens of accessible waterfalls, winding roads, and picturesque views. The Blue Ridge Parkway is known for its slow and scenic drive through the tops of the mountains. The color change of the leaves in the fall is a local event and makes for incredible photos.

I love visiting or taking pictures here! The parking lot is a short walk from the beach making this an easy spot to find. The expansive beach offers cinematic views of the Atlantic. The pier is mighty and photos turn out to be ethereal and majestic.

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