Oak Island — North Carolina

May Content Retreat

This weekend started as a professional networking event with 19 photographers, and ended with memories, content, and lifelong friends.

What Was the retreat like?

Going into the weekend, I was thinking that I was going to get some great content and network with few photographers. I was dead wrong. After initially meeting everyone I knew that this wasn't a normal networking event. People were kind and caring. Everyone was there to support and learn from each other. There was even space to take time to yourself if you wanted it.

Throughout the weekend I was able to spend time connecting with everyone through laughs, mistakes, and working along side them. Benjamin (my life/business partner) and I made lifelong friends with people we had only met a few short days ago because we created an atmosphere of acceptance and love.

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Styling Inspiration

If you loved anything you saw, I've included an Amazon page below with all the props, wardrobe, and equipment to recreate the look. This is an inside look into what makes a Michael Betzner Content Retreat. If you're feeling inspired please create! Make sure to tag me on Instagram and TikTok so I can see what you create.

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acceptance & friendship

Behind the Scenes

Starting a community you belong to

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Photos from MBP Content days