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Every session includes at a minimum:

-50+ professionally edited images

-up to 1 hour of shoot time

-one outfit and one location

-an online gallery where you can print your photos or download them for your use

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grad sessions

portfolio refresh



As a model your portfolio needs to reflect your talent. This photo shoot is meant to showcase your unique look and the skills you have and the skills are growing. I can provide a fresh prospective and aesthetic to your portfolio.

This photo shoot is to help uplift and heal your self image. To make you feel more confident and help heal the inner parts of you that feel insecure. Looking back on these images you will remember how confident and gorgeous you are.

This is the start of a new chapter in life and your photos to commemorate that should reflect who you are. Looking back on these you will remember the strong person you were taking the next leap into adulthood while still remembering what it was like to be your younger self.

Congratulations on your new babe! We will capture this new beginning in a timeless and gorgeous way. Imagine looking back on these images and showing your little one how small they were and how far they have come.

Starts at: $700

Starts at: $800 with $30 print credit

Starts at: $700

Starts at: $800 with $30 print credit










These photos can be very editorial or very simple and fun. If you're looking to create art together let's do it with funky posing. If you want some beautiful pictures with your besties, we can do that. You all deserve a fun collection of photos that are special to you and your friends.

Editorial pictures are for anyone and everyone looking for something unique. We will create photos that stand out and tell a story using out of the box posing, funky props, and unusual locations. These photos are sure to turn heads and delight the artist in you.

A mentorship is for photographers that are looking to level up business expertise, creative posing, concept creation, unique editing, professional networking, camera knowledge, social media skills, and more. Or for anyone looking to start their journey in photography and trying to develop their style. I will share my experience and what I have learned on these subjects.

These photos are to help you take back the power over your own self image. We can show off every side of your gorgeous self. This session is for you because you deserve to treat yourself.

Starts at: $300

Starts at: $700

Starts at: $900

Starts at: $700 with $30 print credit



Social media sponsorships

commercial branding

Let's partner to bring your brand to a bigger audience. We can discuss story posts, feed posts, or video posts. I focus on photography, modeling, and mental health.

Are you trying to elevate you brand? I offer a curated album that highlights the best parts about your product or service. I can can take care of the details when it comes to hiring models or we can focus exclusively on product shots.

Contact me for a customized quote

Contact me for a customized quote

Add Ons





Pricing and varies based on flower variety and number of flowers.

Pricing varies based on the props I do have, or if I need to purchase this for your session.


Additional furniture I do not own can be added upon request for an additional cost.


Dresses range from size 0-6. Additional clothing I do not own can be added upon request for an additional cost.

Additional Outfit

Hair & Makeup


This includes one additional outfit added to your session.


Hair & makeup with @peachcowgirlbeauty. $130 for ONLY hair or ONLY makeup. Let me know you want to book and I will schedule with Peaches.

work with me to get

Photographs given love and attention

the details and styles that make you look beautiful

What sets me apart?

Photography is not just a job for me, it's art. You're not just another booking on my calendar. I only accept projects that I believe in, and portrait sessions with people who share similar values. I want to create something meaningful to you and me.

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